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Teach the piano today

Stéphane GENDRON

Original title: Enseigner le piano aujourd'hui


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Piano teacher in music school for more than twenty years, Stéphane Gendron wanted to testify of his various educational experiences. Teaching the piano today offers a set of reflections on the profession of instrumental teacher, on the conditions in which face-to-face interaction with students takes place. His book comments and analyzes the main evolutions encountered since the 1980s, particularly in the motivations expressed, the approach of music and repertoire, the relation to writing and new technologies, cultural openness, the relation to work and leisure.

It is a plea for an open approach to music education, expressing the need to foster pleasure and creativity, and offering many perspectives on links to other artistic forms.

Stéphane GENDRON - Teach the piano today - Book -
22.74 $


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