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Find your voice!

Raymonde VIRET

Original title: Trouvez votre voix !

Breathe well, Sing freely, Speak without exhausting, Understand what your voice reveals


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Each of us has, at birth, a unique voice. But around the age of 6-7, it begins to deform because of growth and emotional tension (stress of everyday life, negative remarks: "shut up, you sing wrong!" ...) .

But for Raymonde Viret, a singing teacher with a great experience since she has been in business for over fifty years, we can all rediscover this unique voice. It is enough to find again the primal cry of the newborn who instinctively opens his mouth, inhales deeply, inflates his belly, descends his diaphragm ... And produces a very powerful cry that can last for hours, without damaging his vocal cords!

In this book, the author teaches us to:

Breathe well
Speak without exhausting
Sing freely
Understand what our voice reveals ...

His advice is accompanied by many testimonials from his students (including many singers, actors, lawyers ...), among which his "3 musketeers" Jacques Weber, Maxime The Forestier, François Morel.

This book is for anyone who wants to learn how to put their voice to speak in public or sing (artists, teachers, lawyers ...), and to people who want to find their voice / way.

Raymonde VIRET - Find your voice! - Book - di-arezzo.com
18.12 $


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