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Classical and romantic harmony (1750-1900)
BARTOLI Jean-Pierre

Original title: L'harmonie classique et romantique (1750-1900)

Elements and evolution

Livre - Broché


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1 vol. (222 p.) ; 23 x 16 cm - Paris - 2001

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After recalling the positions of theoreticians of tonal language, this book defines the principles that govern harmony in the classical period.
He then describes the gradual enrichment of vocabulary and syntax during the Romantic century.
Finally, he examines the delicate question of the weakening of the tone at the approach of the twentieth century.
An essential synthesis, with many examples taken from the works of Haydn Debussy through those of Mozart, Schumann, Liszt, Wagner ....

BARTOLI Jean-Pierre - Classical and romantic harmony (1750-1900) - Livre -
26.68 $

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